Russell Westbrook is a generational talent, an all-time great at what he does, a tenacious point guard, an electrifying player, a wonderful individual off the court, and a valiant, brave human being.

A former Most Valuable Player, nine-time all-star, and a Triple-Double God, Westbrook has definitely etched his name in the annals of basketball with ludicrous numbers and unmatched intensity on a seemingly nightly basis.

Having eye-popping numbers including three straight Trip-Dub seasons in his last years with the Oklahoma City Thunder, slanders and/or constructive assessments have been thrown on Westbrook’s way for the most part of his career as…

The PBA draft is once again on the horizon. And so are the controversies.

A famous basketball term “steal of the draft” describes a player that is playing beyond his draft placing, however, this term connotes a very different, bewildering definition in the Philippine Basketball Association.

Tweaking a preposition to the term, this, simply, means the unwarranted robbery of a winning squad to the gullible bottom feeders.

And once again, another case emerges as the constant Grand Slam seekers San Miguel Beermen looks to unclog the extremity of its bench for Terrafirma Dyip’s bonafide star, scoring champion, and 2018 first…

From day one of my basketball baptism, Kevin Durant is a dangerous machine gun with little to no limits. I might just be a 16-year old half-witted boy whose love of sports goes beyond the realm of reality, but I’ve known one thing that only until recently that the majority of the NBA community has realized — Kevin Durant is the most unguardable, unstoppable player in this generation.

Averaging 27 points in his career, the listed 6-foot-10 Durant is a constant threat in the offensive end for the entirety of his still-ongoing 14-year legacy. …

At first glance, the young blood-laden, rejigged Gilas Pilipinas looked a cut above the rest of Group A in the FIBA Asia Cup qualifiers with blowouts over the similarly retooled Indonesia in the first window and the back-to-back drubbing of Thailand in the second, affirming the storied dominance of the Philippine basketball in Southeast Asia.

I always think of this as a boxing match, where I have to always put my guards up and protect myself at all times and at all cost.

And my opponent was always Manny Pacquiao, an unpredictable, expeditious, mighty, and crafty foe.

Sometimes I am Floyd Mayweather Jr, a defensive master that always thrives under pressure, evading any pain with superb head movement, presence of mind and just pure, God-given body coordination to overcome, basically, anything you throw at him.

Sometimes I’m Marco Antonio Barrera and/or Erik Morales, who would go toe-to-toe like a freaking war machine. The two were…

From the polluted atmosphere of Espana, the Tigers found themselves in a journey of self-destruction as they headed to the fresh ambience of Sorsogon.

From there, the University of Santo Tomas men’s basketball bubble formed. A training environment in the midst of a pandemic that has already etched its place in history for all the obviously wrong reasons.

Rob Andrew Lo Dongiapon

Budding sports writer

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